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March 30, 2018


My Chat With a Scholar- Dinosaurs and the Great Meteor

March 3, 2018

I was having a discussion with a wise individual who was giving me some of his theories on the universe. The things this man told me upset me greatly. It upset me due to the cleverness and the fact I had never heard a theory such as this.  I will go step by step in our conversation as to lead to the overall conclusion.

Any sort of meteor, as well as any space object, can have an orbit if large enough. When the theory of the great meteor hitting the earth to wipe out the dinosaurs, it is usually described as one, large rock hitting us. We never hear about any other, rather large, rocks coming to the earth around the same time. The thought of every single one of these rocks hitting the earth all in the water seems fairly impossible. There would be some sort of proof of a rock so dense and large being seen in any of our mapping technologies we have now. Not only that, if the rock is described usually as ‘being the size of the state of Texas’, enough to wipe out most life on the planet. Wouldn’t that be enough of a hit to knock us out of the orbit we are in of the ‘sweet spot’ for life?  As described in all theories, if we were to move just a few centimeters off from our current ellipse, we could become too cold or too hot for life. Wouldn’t a meteor of this size and magnitude push us off our path?

The scholar, a devout Christian, gave me a different outlook. ‘We have an ever thinning o-zone layer’, he began. He mentioned that in many historic texts there is word of a ‘Great Flood’. Not just in religious articles but other ancient books and writings. His synopsis is, with such a think o-zone layer, it could produce such a rainstorm enough to bring floods of the magnitude of which these texts speak. This would also give a theory as to why the dinosaurs were knocked out. If dinosaurs were around so much earlier than the humans, we could delegate that the o-zone layer would be far thicker. As relatives of dinosaurs today live in places with high humidity and lush grasslands. Animals such as lizards, crocodiles, and turtles, can live to extreme lengths and have direct correlation to dinosaurs. These animals, to survive, must have adapted to these lush environments but in today’s world we are finding fossils in places such as desert landscapes. Some of these locales have been in desert environments for as far back as we can trace, yet most of our dinosaur related friends today are in grasslands and rain forests.

The thought of a high o-zone layer can also give reason to believe why ancient texts describe people as living to extreme ages, ie- 300 years old or more. The sun and the sun’s rays have an insurmountable effect to humans and, some would argue, are the reason for our demise. Even in today’s world we cannot stop effects from the sun such as cancers and so on. The thought of a far thicker o-zone layer would protect ancient humans to be able to live to these extreme ages and possibly be able to travel such far distances as written and described to us, today.

So, if we had a massive rock hit us so directly to kill most life on earth, we should’ve been moved off our path around the sun. The sun’s rays onto us would be far more extreme and harsh to survive even with the thicker o-zone layer I am describing. If we had a world in a ‘bubble’, in a sense, ancient humans and animals would be safe from many of the sun’s killing effects. The higher o-zone layer would’ve brought lush trees, and green landscapes to many places around the world, giving a perfect habitat for many sorts of animals. The thought of a ‘great flood’ is usually depicted in religious texts, but this flood is described in many parts of the world in other documentation. An extreme o-zone layer around the earth would give the thought of an ‘end-all’ kind of flood, to be a definite possibility. These sorts of storms around the world throughout the many years the earth has been around, could explain the loss of dinosaurs and the ability of finding such fossils in desert landscapes.

To the knowledge I have of this earth, I completely believe in this theory. There are so many correlations to be found with the idea of the o-zone layer being so thick. Whether or not you agree is your own. Nonetheless, I hope this gave you a minute to think outside the box.

Melissa Miller, with the help of HH (pen name for this person I have bestowed moments ago.)

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